Top 10 US Cities For Cats

We just received a contribution from Travis, from Movoto, where they found the top 10 US cities for cats. They used an algorithm based on a combination of pet stores, shelters, variety of bird species, cat events, and other factors to find out where cats rule.

The 10 Best Cities For Cats By Movoto Real Estate

Hey, cats, are you sick of those scary metal beasts zooming past on the road outside? Are you tired of it raining when all you want to do is sunbathe? Are you so over chasing the same bird across your turf each morning? Well, it sounds like you need to find a new place to live.

Yes, we know that those tall, strange creatures you live with control the money and food, but we also know you can be very convincing if you want to. Remember that dead bird you left them last week? A few more of those kind gifts are sure to convince them. That leaves you with only the matter of deciding where you’ll move to. Read full article here.

Thanks for sharing Travis, and hope you visit our site and share again with us soon.

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