Our Bird Catcher Pro Review

Looking for a real review of the Bird Catcher Pro? See what our cats are saying.

The Bird Catcher Pro Mimic the feel, sound and touch of a bird

And if your cats are like ours, they will play with a new toy and then lose interest, until the next toy. With the bird catcher our cats have been playing every day, for a little over 10 days and they are still very entertained by the flying bird.

Our cats, Pita and Tiger are having a lot of fun with this cat toy.

This is probably the best cat toy we have tried simply due to the quality of the product.

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cats play with bird catcher pro

Cat Toy Manufacturer Important Information

Safety Information
The Bird Catcher PRO should be stored in a safe, dry area when not in use. The 2 piece professional grade fiberglass pole can be placed in the accompanied storage bag to prevent felines from getting access to it.

Connect the 2 piece pole together at the middle. Push together to tighten (should not require too much pressure). Attach the snap at the end of the feather refill to the tip of the pole (should be simple as opening / closing a clothing pin). Be wary of your cat(s)…they will be there waiting for playtime to start!

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** WARNING!! ** HIDE The Bird Catcher Pro when you’re not playing. Your cat will watch where you store it and cats figure out how to open closets, drawers, doors just to find it.

Pita Cat

Pita is an eight year old cat, that loves to play with her toys and with us! She is very smart and sensitive cat. Check her out at https://www.mustlovecats.net

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