Featured Article: Cat Owners Survival Guide

Our Cat Survival infographic offers some great tips and advice on maintaining rugs and carpets and features some common questions we are often asked by our customers. How do I clean wine from my rug? Removing stains from muddy paws? Cats are a great companion around the home but their playful and mischevious nature can often lead to accidents and spillages. Our handy guides and advice will help you easily clean up spills and stains and we have some useful information for dealing with pet allergies.

Cat Owners Carpet and Rug Cleaning Guide
The Cat Owners Guide to Caring for your Rugs and Carpets by The Rug Seller

Original source: www.therugseller.co.uk

Pita Cat

Pita is an eight year old cat, that loves to play with her toys and with us! She is very smart and sensitive cat. Check her out at https://www.mustlovecats.net

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