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  • Best Pals Play Leaping For The Same Ledge - December 10, 2016

    Things are hard, but consider the positives: We still have this video of two cats leaping for the same ledge before landing in a perfect cat stack.   How did they land this way? And why do they seem so OK with the outcome? Have they remained friends in the[…]

  • Amazing Things Can Happen When an Animal Shelter Partnered With a Nursing Home - December 5, 2016

    It’s amazing how a sense of purpose and a spark of happiness can go such a long way, and that’s particularly true for seniors suffering with Alzheimers or dementia. Now,thanks to a new program at an Arizona senior memory care facility that allows residents to feed, care for, and play[…]

  • Guy Rescued A Scared Kitten From Under A Truck - June 6, 2016

    When this good guy saw a terrified kitten holding on to a truck near his office, he simply couldn’t leave her like that. Turns out, “the mama kitty ran off… and ditched the kitten. No other kittens could be found,” – redditor JustAnotherGoodGuy explained. Right after finding the kitty, the man sent[…]

  • Why Your Cat May Be The Cause of Your Anger Issues - April 25, 2016

    If you are prone to fits of spontaneous rage, your feline might be responsible. Clawing the couch or knocking glasses off tables may do the trick, however a most likely system is that it, or a long dead predecessor, contaminated you with toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasma gondii, the parasite already linked to[…]

  • Cat Love & Compassion - April 14, 2016

    We love to share stories of love and compassion, not only from humans to animals, but also from animals to animals, such this one. When Jesse Ryan brought Minnie the ginger kittycat house, their matured cat Evin decided that there was only one thing to do about this new arrival.[…]

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